The Nomad Life

The house sold April, 2019. We sold, threw out, gave away or donated most of our stuff, and put the remainder in a storage unit. We left May 1st, 2019 for our first trip – eleven weeks in Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina and Romania.

The purpose of this blog is to

  • Let our friends and family know where we are, what we are up to and what our upcoming plans are,
  • share what we are seeing, thinking, feeling and learning, and
  • answer people’s questions (asked and unasked) about how we are doing what we are doing (the practical side of constant traveling and living without a fixed residence).
  • There are a lot of people traveling the world and blogging about it commercially to fund their adventures. THIS IS NOT THAT. No ads, no paid product placements. You are welcome to share the site address information (lizandneilnomadlife.home.blog) with anyone that you think might be interested, but we will not be promoting the site except to those within our circle. It will also not be a “We went to this museum today and here are 12 pictures of what we saw” type of blog.
  • I am not very tech savvy, so this blog isn’t likely to look very exciting. Maybe I’ll get better at this as I go along.

If you are interested, here re links to travelogues I wrote in 2018 about our trips to Vietnam/Cambodia and Romania/Czech Republic.